4 Signs Showing It’s Time To Move On

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  1. You’re asking for attention and affection. You should never have to look for evidence that your partner loves you. You must simply know that you are loved, and leave it at that. You don’t want to put yourself into attention seeking freak position just because s/he says that s/he loves you but acts another way and leaves you all confused and somewhat not good enough.

2. You can’t be your true self. Are you constantly trying to make yourself more “pleasing” for the person you’re with? It’s not Ok if you can’t ask for what you want/need because of the fear s/he will leave you. You are in this relationship to share not to be a cheerleader.

3. S/he doesn’t invite you anywhere. If someone loves you, you will automatically be in his/her world and be a part of the daily conversation around his /her entourage; be a part of the gang and naturally get informed and get invited.

4. You find yourself stalking. This is a crucial sign that shows you feel left out and need to find out more by stalking. Shows a great deal of insecurity; not necessarily because you don’t have self esteem but instead s/he constantly leaves you on blind spot so that you need to fill in the blanks to make sense of what’s happening before becoming all too angry and judgmental. This is an effort put by you because of the lack of communication and soon you will be all worn out and end up with a huge headache. It’s exhausting to give 100 percent of yourself to a person who only gives you 50 percent in return; trying to get the other half by your own means.

Don’t hold on to someone that causes you more pain than joy. Will it be hard? Yes! But it’s better to have some temporary pain than a lifetime of being stuck somewhere you know you don’t belong.

And you can always seek professional help when you feel stuck, tired or lost. Using a professional matchmaker service makes life a lot easier and will help you find love a lot faster than your own means.

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