Arranged Marriage

Okay, I’m game. Who’s gonna arrange it?

Once frowned upon, the idea of an arranged marriage becomes more and more appealing to singles as swipe right apps are taking their toll.

Swipe Right (2016)

Let’s first shine some light on the term arranged marriage.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to marry the person that has been chosen fit by your family as it meant once before.

It means someone has been working meticulously to find you the right partner just because they want to see you settled down and happy. It might not work out however it worths giving a shot because it is not a random pick. Your date has been picked by someone who loves and cares about both parties. And knowing what you are signed up for makes it easier to express yourself, open up, make a decision, and move on if it is not a good fit.

Meeting the right person at the right time boils down to meeting the right intention at the right venue.

You could meet the same person on different occasions and the results would be astoundingly different. Alumni dinner, cousin’s wedding, friend’s introduction, hook-up apps serve different purposes, and even though the person you want to date signed up for all that, the outcome would differ depending on where you get your introduction.

A modern approach to traditional arranged marriages is professional matchmaking services. You can put your mind at ease knowing you are at the right venue full of the right intentions. And a matchmaker is working for your best interest not only in goodwill but also in a professional way. You can be direct and open with your matchmaker whereas it might be tough to explain yourself to a close relative who might take it personally if you reject their pick.

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