From Single to Couple, 3 Easy Steps Make All the Difference

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Common misperception is that love simply HAPPENS; you wait for the right person to come along and then — ‘BOOM!!!’, you fall in love and live happily ever after. The truth is you can INCREASE your CHANCES of meeting someone by being more approachable.

When you are out with friends, be present. Enjoy the food, music, whatever conversation going on. Don’t just nod, listen and participate. Update your friends about your current emotional state and your desire to meet someone. Do not state over the top wishes, be reasonable with your standards. You can always eliminate people but first you need to have options. If you sound like “nobody is good enough for me”, people will be hesitant to let you know about singles around them and that only makes sense.

Do not go out to just go out. If you don’t feel like it, stay home. If you want to make it worth your time, stop complaining about how tired you are, be pleasant. Your vibe matters. Dress accordingly and appreciate where you are, what you eat, what you drink etc. Otherwise, soon enough you will start thinking “I go out all the time but unlike others never ever any lucky coincidence finds me therefore I will stay in for the rest of my life”.

How about your social presence? If you don’t have any, it’s more likely that you don’t even exist. You need to have at least one active social media account to give other singles a convenient tool to pursue you. But be careful what you share and how you position yourself. Make meaningful check-ins. Be coherent with your choice of online presence, do not mix them up. Tinder, Instagram, WhatsApp may serve the same crowd but different goals.

And don’t be shy to sign up to a serious dating site if that’s what you really want. If you don’t ask, you don’t get. Using a professional matchmaking service makes life a lot easier and helps you find love faster than your own means.

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