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Your vibe matters and it’s time to sweep away the blues. It doesn’t matter how old you are or what body shape you have. Believe us, you are not alone. So you better stop playing the victim and ease down on self-pity. Life is not fair and everybody has his or her own disadvantages. Underlining your reasons to be the way you are will only strengthen the place you are now and prevent you to reach where you want to be. ’Cause God knows you have all the good reasons and convinced everybody so. Welcome to your self built social prison.

Move it. Don’t lock yourself up at home sitting on your ass all day, reshooting the last romantic episode of your life on every other angle. Idle mind is devil’s playground and you don’t want that. You do not need to follow every update on Facebook, every like on Instagram. Have your own simple routines; go to the grocery store, enjoy strolling through the aisles, try to cook some new dishes. Invite your friends to enjoy a drink on the balcony. Organize your wardrobe; get rid of the ones you haven’t been wearing in 2 years. You need to let go to refresh yourself.

Don’t be stingy when it comes to trying something new. We know that it’s hard to decide whether it’s worth to pay a 100 for this new skin cream or that new restaurant but guess what? You cannot know unless you try and some will worth spending while others not. That’s what life is all about. There is no such thing as getting a 100 percent return on your expectations but appreciating the experience you had.

You attract the ones in your own spectrum of awareness. Once you make peace with yourself and the life itself; it will all go better from thereon.

And don’t be shy to sign up to a serious dating site if that’s what you really want. If you don’t ask, you don’t get. Using a professional matchmaking service makes life a lot easier and helps you find love faster than your own means.

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