Matchmaking vs Dating App

Recent survey ran by reveals ‘privacy concern’ is by far (%68) #1 issue when it comes to registering a dating app. ‘money scam’ #2, ‘don’t believe in it’ #3 and ‘could be dangerous’ ranks #4.

‘Although you can control who can see your profile to some extend (eliminate your immediate friends & family & coworkers by linkedin/facebook filters) it is still disturbing to run across familiar faces. It makes me feel vulnerable, less willing to be open about myself. I often choose to show a rather sarcastic profile as if I was checking it out for fun rather than looking for a serious relationship.’ says Matt about his experience with multiple dating apps including Bumble and Innercircle.

Despite its modern looks when it comes to marriage Turkey is a highly traditional country. Matchmaking institution was always well respected and highly demanded. Now a lot of people prefer online matchmaking, a more professional approach rather than your next door neighbor. I don’t feel weird about using it mostly because it is discreet and also my parents know the difference between dating and matchmaking sites and they support me.’ says Selin.

‘I like the idea of having options but at the same time when listed in some app, I can’t help feeling like a circus animal, revealing tricks to catch attention. Everybody likes to choose but being a disposable option myself is not as fun. That’s why I registered at Kismet. It makes me feel more powerful. I feel like I have the control.’ says Julie.

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