Single Scenery, Istanbul Edition

They say metropoles are same but different, so let’s focus on the different parts of Istanbul single scene.

Where to meet? It will be nice to have a view of the Bosphorus and delicious bites as well but nothing too heavy to keep you glued to your chair and eat the night away. Preferably a fancy restaurant with a bar scene will keep it dynamic, allowing you to get a feel for each other while trying signature cocktails. Fenix, Scarlet Steakhouse are just a few options at Etiler. If not you may go with a cozy meyhane within the walking distance of bars, keeping it casual. Cihangir or Karaköy will do the trick.

Istanbulites have their own antiques when it comes to judging a crowd and it gives you a great sense of understanding about his/her stance in life. Some find it pretentious to dine at Ulus Sunset while others find it snobbish to join an artsy conversation at Soho House. Some like the friendly atmosphere of Moda, Kadıköy. Some won’t step a foot outside a rather safe environment of a luxurious mall and even so you might classify them by the choice of that mall; Kanyon for white-collar professionals and Zorlu for socialites. Well, you will get used to it, how people resolve like oil and water by the preference of venues; how you start to see familiar faces by the choice of your own taste and never come across others.

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Ruby, Ortaköy

When to meet? Don’t be surprised if she chooses to meet up at 9 for dinner, that’s because she doesn’t want to get stuck in traffic. Subway is not an option for her if she chooses to wear a dress and heels which only makes sense given the vile sidewalks make 5-minute-walking-distance into living hell. Heels don’t grow on trees.

Girls, don’t be loud. We mean it. You might think speaking in a foreign language might give you the freedom to cry out loud but it doesn’t. It actually gives a headache with a touch of embarrassment.

What to expect? Guys, expect to pay for it if it’s your first date, that’s for sure. She might offer to share but let her do so will only reduce your chance for a second date. And girls, expect to be flattered and don’t be fooled by casual anticipation of getting hooked up. Do as you please, not to please expectations.

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