Why So Single? Let’s Have A Closer Look And Sort It Out!

If you are single for quite some time, let’s say more than 2 years and wish to get coupled up..

It is most likely that you are miscalculating stuff. So let’s dig deep into that stuff; what it is and what can be done about it.


Are you sure you haven’t bitten by a serial dater bug? That disease is quite an epidemic one! You start with all innocent emotions; want to get to know the real personality of someone and settle down. Then before you know you start to cross out people over silly things; the way he drives or the type of heels she is wearing. Are you looking for merits to cherish or flaws to get irritated? If you look close enough you will gather enough evidence for both cases. So it’s up to you where to look depending on where you want to go with that person.

Are you trying too hard? Dating is different than your career, more effort does not necessarily mean a better outcome. Dating too much (particularly through apps.) can be as bad (or worse) than not dating enough. Focus less on the number and more on the quality. Going on dates just for the sake of it; one item done on your to-do list approach will only exhaust you and kill the buzz. You need to feel that buzz if you wish to fall in love again, that’s a must.

Are you emotionally ready to date? Or in other words, do you feel satisfied with your life so that you are open to listening and trying to understand someone else’s? Or do you repeat your sad old story to anyone you just met and try to figure out why all that happened to you? You cannot let someone in if all that bullshit of yours occupies all the space.

Be aware of your state and make up your mind. If you really want to have a committed relationship, focus on what you want. Make meeting someone special your top priority — if you don’t know how to do that, hire a matchmaker. Using a professional matchmaking service makes life a lot easier and helps you find love a lot faster than your own means.

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