Okay, I’m game. Who’s gonna arrange it?

Swipe Right (2016)

  1. You’re asking for attention and affection. You should never have to look for evidence that your partner loves you. You must simply know that you are loved, and leave it at that. You don’t want to put yourself into attention seeking freak position just because s/he says that s/he loves you but acts another way and leaves you all confused and somewhat not good enough.

Recent survey ran by kismet.today reveals ‘privacy concern’ is by far (%68) #1 issue when it comes to registering a dating app. ‘money scam’ #2, ‘don’t believe in it’ #3 and ‘could be dangerous’ ranks #4.

‘Although you can control who can see your profile to some extend (eliminate your immediate friends & family & coworkers by linkedin/facebook filters) it is still disturbing to run across familiar faces. It makes me feel vulnerable, less willing to be open about myself. I often choose to show a rather sarcastic profile as if I was checking it out for fun rather than looking for a serious relationship.’ says Matt about his experience with multiple dating apps including Bumble and Innercircle.

Despite its modern looks when it comes to marriage Turkey is a highly traditional country. Matchmaking institution was…

They say metropoles are same but different, so let’s focus on the different parts of Istanbul single scene.

Being an expat is an adventurous journey especially in a city like Istanbul.

If you are single for quite some time, let’s say more than 2 years and wish to get coupled up..


Arnavutköy Sur Balık Restaurant

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