Dating in the UAE, Why is it so hard for expats to find love in Dubai?


Okay, I’m game. Who’s gonna arrange it?

Swipe Right (2016)

Recent survey ran by reveals ‘privacy concern’ is by far (%68) #1 issue when it comes to registering a dating app. ‘money scam’ #2, ‘don’t believe in it’ #3 and ‘could be dangerous’ ranks #4.

‘Although you can control who can see your profile to some extend (eliminate your immediate friends & family & coworkers by linkedin/facebook filters) it is still disturbing to run across familiar faces. It makes me feel vulnerable, less willing to be open about myself. I often choose to show a…

They say metropoles are same but different, so let’s focus on the different parts of Istanbul single scene.

Being an expat is an adventurous journey especially in a city like Istanbul.

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